Zombie Sex by Decimus Black

“Survival Against What, A zombie? You’re Kidding Right?”

About the book:

When it comes to dating and sex, Velvet Black trumps the competition. She discovered from an early age that, when it comes to men, she has a certain power over them. Especially when it comes to James Agaer, her coworker and a married man. When Velvet’s at work, she can play the submissive role and even likes the whole let’s-keep-it-a-secret game. But when she’s on her own, she likes to be in control.

James, a man that takes pride in his slicked back hair, has a busy schedule. When he’s not paying the bills for his wife and newborn, he’s having sex with Velvet. When he’s not having sex with Velvet, he’s screwing other women. James likes to give Velvet the illusion of control.

It’s late afternoon and Velvet has the day off. She’s busy making food for James who is finishing work early (only she knows that), his wife, however, thinks he’s working late again. The doorbell rings and a passionate kiss follows.

Then hell breaks loose. There’s a new sexual disease in town, and it ain’t pretty. It makes a person hungry for…violence. It doesn’t take long for Velvet Black to find herself in the worst possible situation: protecting Angeline and Zoe, James’s wife and newborn, against a zombie apocalypse attack.

And the worst thing of all…

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Categories:   Fiction, Horror

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