Word Nerd: More than 17,000 Fascinating Facts about Words


Word Nerd More than 17,000 Fascinating Facts about Words by Barbara Ann KipferAre You a Word Nerd? Did you know…
–Only a human (not an animal or thing) is “able” to do something
–The five on dice is called cinque
–“K” for strike-out in baseball comes from the last letter of “struck”
–To skice is to frisk about like squirrels in spring

For word lovers everywhere, Word Nerd is a rich-and fun-compendium of more than 17,000 fascinating facts about words.

Bestselling author Barbara Anne Kipfer has spent years compiling little known tidbits about common-and not so common-words in the English language.

Filled with interesting information about words, sure to amaze and spark conversation, this incredible collection is perfect for the word nerd in each of us.

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