Spook Street (Slough House #4) by Mick Herron

Love Top Shelf Donate. keep us alive

What happens when an old spook loses his mind?

Love Top Shelf Donate. keep us alive

Does the Service have a retirement home for those who know too many secrets but don’t remember they’re secret?

Or does someone take care of the senile spy for good? These are the questions River Cartwright must ask when his grandfather, a Cold War–era operative, starts to forget to wear pants and begins to suspect everyone in his life has been sent by the Service to watch him.

But River has other things to worry about. A bomb goes off in the middle of a busy shopping center and kills forty innocent civilians. The agents of Slough House have to figure out who is behind this act of terror before the situation escalates.

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Categories:   Fiction, Thrillers

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