Solved Problems in Electromagnetics 2017 Edition

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Solved Problems in Electromagnetics (Undergraduate Lecture Notes in Physics) 1st ed. 2017 Edition 

by Félix Salazar Bloise, Rafael Medina Ferro, Ana Bayón, Francisco Gascón

This book presents the fundamental concepts of electromagnetism through problems with a brief theoretical introduction at the beginning of each chapter. The present book has a strong  didactic character. It explains all the mathematical steps and the theoretical concepts connected with the development of the problem.

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It guides the reader to understand the employed procedures to learn to solve the exercises independently.

The exercises are structured in a similar way: The chapters begin with easy problems increasing progressively in the level of difficulty.

This book is written for students of physics and engineering in the framework of the new European Plans of Study for Bachelor and Master and also for tutors and lecturers.

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