Rampage by TM Watkins

Rampage (A Night Fire Novel Book 4)
by TM Watkins

Being an A lister in Hollywood isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be. Harmony Roberts wows the world with her romantic comedies and good girl roles. The world thinks that she’s got it all and at surface level, it’s the truth. Beneath the surface is a woman that is desperate to break through the typecast and become someone different. Turning thirty sends her into a downward spiral, while getting drunk she makes a list of all the things that she has to do to break the good girl image. Ten things that she has to do within forty-eight hours. With her sister Seph, they set out for the city of sin, ready to have a wild weekend of debauchery.

Evan Cooper has spent his adult life as a free man, partying at every opportunity. His role as the lead guitarist for America’s hottest rock band, Night Fire has given him ten years as a rock god. But the wild life is taking its toll, he can’t remember a day when he didn’t have a bottle in his hand and an unknown groupie in his bed. He looks to his band mates who one by one are marrying and having children, something that Evan secretly craves for his own life. But how can he have a serious relationship with women who only want him for his wealth and status?

One wild weekend in Las Vegas is all that it takes for these two lost souls to find exactly what they are looking for. But is it enough to last a lifetime?

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