Hirohito’s War: The Pacific War, 1941-1945 by Francis Pike

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hirohitos-war-the-pacific-war-1941-1945-by-francis-pikeIn his magisterial 1,152 page narrative of the Pacific War, Francis Pike’s Hirohito’s War offers an original interpretation, balancing the existing Western-centric view with attention to the Japanese perspective on the conflict.

As well as giving a ‘blow-by-blow’ account of campaigns and battles, Francis Pike offers many challenges to the standard interpretations with regards to the causes of the

war; Emperor Hirohito’s war guilt; the inevitability of US Victory; the abilities of General MacArthur and Admiral Yamamoto; the role of China, Great Britain and Australia; military and naval technology; and the need for the fire-bombing of Japan and the eventual use of the atom bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

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Hirohito’s War is accompanied by additional online resources, including more details on logistics, economics, POWs, submarines and kamikaze, as well as a 1930-1945 timeline and 178 maps.

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