Highland Flings by Bonnie Brand

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Three saucy tales of historic Scottish lust!


When Rosa, the Laird’s young flame-haired herbalist, discovers an abandoned cottage on one of her highland excursions, she rests there overnight to avoid contact with wolves and other wild creatures.

When she wakes the next morning, strapped to the bed, she discovers a different kind of wild creature: Hamish, a proud, passionate highlander. He’s not happy that she’s stolen his bed, and soon, she’s going to want to pay the price for her crime, hard and without protection.

Soon, he’ll make her his woman and let her in on a big, dark secret.

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When the naive young blacksmith’s daughter, Catherine MacBride, encounters a mysterious stranger in a Scottish tavern one evening, she is far from prepared for what happens next.

The dark, handsome, and severely strict Duke of Leamington, is a rich Englishman with inexpensive tastes. For he is a man who can buy anything, and soon the cheap young blacksmith’s daughter belongs to him.

When the blacksmith consents to sell his daughter to the Duke of Leamington, however, he does not realize just what the Duke wants with his little girl. And how far he will go to get it.


Eighteen-year-old Caitlin is horrified when she discovers her immoral father has agreed to marry her off to the infamous Laird of Elgin without her consent. His reputation among polite society is scandalous, and there are rumours of his perversions all over Scotland.

Soon, however, Caitlin realises that the Laird’s powerful and commanding presence might be just what she’s been looking for. She may even find that being the Lady of Elgin has some satisfying benefits.

This box set contains three stories, all of which delve into an erotic exploration of pleasure and pain in the perverse world of nineteenth-century Scottish sexuality.

Strictly for adults only!

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