Family Affair by Saxon Bennett

Family Affair (Chase Banter #1)
by Saxon Bennett

Oops…is an understatement.

Chase Banter thought her life couldn’t get any weirder. Her mother has taken up private investigating, her writer’s group’s helpful suggestions have led to severe writer’s block, and her girlfriend’s family is genuinely nuts. Growing up isn’t high on her list of priorities.

What grip Chase has on her life is severely challenged when her girlfriend tells her about the little oops at the gynecologist. Seems the doctor mixed up the rooms and now Gitana is expecting.

The reality of Gitana’s radiant glow—and growing waistline—finally convinces Chase to accept that she’s about to become a parent. There’s only one thing to do: Chase embarks on a nine-month plan to grow up, once and for all.

Only Saxon Bennett can bring to life the humorous and touching soul searching of a woman trying to become more than she ever thought she could be. Family Affair joins Saxon’s many novels about the unique choices lesbians make as they define family for themselves. Winner, Golden Crown Literary Award.

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Categories:   Humor/Comedy, Romance Books

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