Enflame by S. Layne

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Enflame (The Affair #3)
by S. Layne, Stacey Lynn (Co-Author)

Book Three in the Affair Series. A standalone with new characters in this steamy erotic romance series.

Talia Merchant dropped the idea of a forever kind of love after the first guy she loved stole not only her heart, but also took her virginity….and then he took off.
Now, busy with caring for her father and trying to save her teen shelter, doesn’t need the messy entanglements that come with real relationships.
But after a mysterious benefactor saves her free clinic and reveals himself…everything changes.
Donovan Lore doesn’t just want in Talia’s bed, which is the only thing she offers —he wants inside her heart and he doesn’t care what type of fight Talia puts up. He’s determined to break through every one of her walls until she’s pliable and needy in his hands and writhing beneath him.
And Donovan always gets what he wants.

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Categories:   Contemporary, Romance Books

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