The Dutiful Daughter by Vanessa Gray

The Dutiful Daughter
by Vanessa Gray


Chloe Rothwell had reached the ripe age of twenty-four without being wed. Her father’s demise, and her forced exile from the Regency London marriage mart, had seen to that. But now an unexpected legacy had made Chloe a catch worth the time it took for fashionable gentlemen in need of cash to travel to Chloe’s country home with their proposals.

How could Chloe resist the blandishments of the most skilled seducers in the realm? How could she deny the demands of the stepmother and the brother who had always told her what to do? How could this inexperienced young lady possibly sort out true love from feigned passion?

Chloe had many lessons to learn. But she had just as many she was able and eager to teach….

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Categories:   Historical, Romance Books

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