Dragonfire: Freedom in Flames by Toni Kerr

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Dragonfire: Freedom in Flames (Secrets of the Makai Book 3)
by Toni Kerr

Tristan is caught in a losing battle between the Slayers’ poison and the call of hibernation, while fighting to co-exist with increasing amounts of power that threatens to destroy everything. Jacques and Molajah remain elusive and Tristan must plan his own course of action while he still can.

An uprising in the realm of dragon spirits suspends any sense of leadership within the council and forces the ghostly ancestors to make a choice. They can join the rebellion in support of Tristan freeing the Faerie races, or support the council in their desire to keep a centuries-old contract from falling apart, assuring them time to oversee the world’s progression through an age of destructive humans, in hopes of releasing the races to a safer, less toxic era.

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The stakes are high for either choice and Tristan must decide for himself, which of the races will be sacrificed for the greater good.

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Categories:   Fantasy, Science Fiction & Fantasy

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