Deadlands Heat by Sienna Cole

Deadlands Heat (Doomsday Lover Book 1)
by Sienna Cole

When a fellow courier is murdered, Jenna Malone must track down the missing package before it disappears into the Deadlands–but it turns out, seducing the handsome thief and reacquiring the stolen merchandise is the easy part. Keeping it will take every trick in her arsenal, but she’s determined to see her friend’s final package delivered.

And there’s more than one package in need of handling…

He kissed me again and I opened to his urgent, angry probing. His fingers found my nipples and pinched hard enough to make me cry out—not entirely from pain. I caught his lip between my teeth a tugged, arching into is punishing embrace. His hands slid down to cup my ass, pulling me up to rub against his growing erection. He froze…and withdrew the metal cylinder from where I’d shoved it down the back of my jeans.
“Dammit.” I didn’t bother trying to snatch it back. He glowered at me and I crossed my arms. “Don’t give me that look—you knew I was lying.”
He stuck it in his back pocket and stepped away.
“Oh, no you don’t.” I caught him by the shirtfront and tugged him back against me. “I haven’t learned my lesson yet.”
I saw a flash of dimple and then his mouth slanted over mine and he pressed my back against the cold tile, pinning me with his body. He lifted the hem of my shirt and pulled the top over my head, and then he turned me, so that my breasts were pressed to the cool ceramic. He reached around and unbuttoned my jeans and pushed them down my hips.
I heard the hiss of his zipper and then he shoved into me in one smooth thrust. It was nearly too much—so unlike last night, when he’d given me ample foreplay and time to adapt to his size. I wriggled my ass, trying to get comfortable and he grabbed my hips, holding me in place for his merciless pumping. I cried out, fingers splayed against the wall, searching for something to hold onto as my body jerked. The orgasm crashed over me like a hot wave, dragging me under. He plunged deep one last time and I felt the hot flood of his release—and then I threw my head back as hard as I could and caught him right in the face.

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