The Dark Times by Dane Hatchell, P.A. Douglas

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The Dark Times: A Zombie Novel
by Dane Hatchell (Goodreads Author), P.A. Douglas

Rico Cruz is an overweight cop drowning his sorrows in whisky at a local pub when the first zombie guts hit the fan. The war with the undead is short-lived in a decisive victory by the living. The world is forever changed, though, and a third of the population is stricken by a mysterious illness.

Rico is inspired to change his life for the better, and after dropping a few pounds, heads off on his Harley for an adventure to anywhere. Before Rico gets very far, the seeds from the previous war bear ghastly fruit, turning millions into flesh eating zombies.

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The Dark Times is gritty; edgy; everything you expect the zombie apocalypse to be. The events move quickly, tossing you head first into gut-wrenching, dilemma-decision action. In all, The Dark Times is a harrowing page turner guaranteed to satisfy your hunger for the zompocalypse.

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Categories:   Horror

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