Cotton Candy Fluff Murder by Susan Gillard

When Heather Shepherd gets the call from Ryan about a victim, the last thing she expects to walk into is a hospital room.
But that’s exactly what happens: a young equestrian super star, Fred Nolan, has been murdered after a horsing accident at the local center. The trouble is, there isn’t any evidence to help the investigation, apart from some grainy surveillance footage from the hospital hallway outside his room. Regardless, Heather is determined to get to the heart of the case. She sets off with a box of her Cotton Candy Fluff Donuts tucked under her arm, her best friend in tow, and a thirst for justice drying up the back of her throat. But this time, the range of suspects muddles the evidence, and the testimony is anything but clear – an eclectic mix of Hillside’s old and new threaten to tip the answers into obscurity.
Heather has to figure this one out before another innocent falls prey to the killer’s murderous whim, all while balancing the fear of a new and dangerous addition to Hillside’s pool of citizens.

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Categories:   Fiction, Mystery & Crime

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