The Boron Letters by Gary Halbert, Bond Halbert

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Bond Halbert, through his father, the late Gary Halbert, got one of the most in-depth marketing educations in history. His Dad was known as the Greatest Copywriter Who Ever Lived, and had more winners in more areas than anyone else alive.

He passed all his knowledge on to Bond, and you can read about this hidden knowledge of making maximum money in minimum time in his book The Boron Letters. Around the age of ten his father was down on his luck and they were walking down the street to his favorite coffee shop.

Bond told him he was very lucky because, while his oldest brother Jeff got to play with toys and have the fun of being rich, Bond was going to get to see how he became rich.

Fortunately for him, his dad thought that was the coolest thing any little kid ever said. Gary started teaching Bond everything he knew about his business…he went to seminars like other kids went to baseball games. He took Bond to all kinds of high level meetings and trust me, he was the only kid in the room.

One time he even took Bond out of school to go to a brainstorming session with Jay Abraham and a few other buddies. The education never stopped either. Even when he went to Boron, Gary mailed Bond letters with marketing and life lessons.

Those letters were eventually put into a now famous book titled The Boron Letters. Bond, along with his brother Kevin, continue the legacy at TheGaryHalbertLetter, giving away a gold-mine of nuggets, tips, tricks and secrets to take you from raw newbie to seasoned advertising veteran in less time than you’d typically spend on a fancy college degree.

And it doesn’t stop there! Bond has had massive success in his own right, selling millions of dollars of info-products, and guiding many businesses to success. His wisdom is sought out by some of the top marketers on the planet…as well as the numerous small businesses he has helped over the years

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