A Better Human: The Stoic Heart, Mind, and Soul by George J. Bradley

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Of all the religions, creeds, and self-help manifestos the world has produced, most concentrate on how to achieve salvation in aspects other than the here-and-now, with our lives merely transitory testing grounds for a higher realm or our actions guided so that we maximize life in a state of ‘enlightened hedonism,’ consuming rapaciously but really achieving not much at all. But there’s one philosophy that provides a concrete foundation for living well, for living ‘a good life’ in this world. Stoicism. “A Better Human” looks at what the Stoic philosophers said and did, how it impacted their lives by increasing their tranquility, joy, and success, and it uses a mixture of personal experience and pop-culture storytelling to show how the Stoic lifestyle can impact you, today, here and now.

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