Audel Pumps & Hydraulics by Rex Miller, Mark Richard Miller

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Audel Pumps & Hydraulics, All New 6th Edition
by Rex Miller, Mark Richard Miller

PbPull up what you need to know/b PPumps and hydraulic equipment are now used in more facets of industry than ever before. Whether you are a pump operator or you encounter pumps and hydraulic systems through your work in another skilled trade, a basic knowledge of the practical features, principles, installation, and maintenance of such systems is essential. You’ll find it all here, fully updated with real-world examples and 21st-century applications.PulPliLearn to install and service pumps for nearly any applicationPliUnderstand the fundamentals and operating principles of pump controls and hydraulicsPliService and maintain individual pumping devices that use smaller motorsPliSee how pumps are used in robotics, taking advantage of hydraulics to lift larger, heavier loadsPliHandle new types of housings and work with the latest electronic controlsPliKnow the appropriate servicing schedule for different types of pumping equipmentPliInstall and troubleshoot special-service pumpsP/ul

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