Another Cheating Wife Bundle!: 3 Stories of Interracial Cuckold Romance by Felicity Fleming

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In this collection, you’ll read:

  • Slippery Slope: Unsure-of-himself husband David is stuck in the horns of a dilemma. His gorgeous wife, Cassie, is refusing to sleep with him – and his frustration is almost too much to bear. But things start looking up when, for a drunken thrill, he lets his black coworker Brandon catch a glimpse of his wife’s beautiful breasts. Now Brandon’s intent on seeing – and touching – more; and he’s hooking David up at work in order to convince the uncertain husband to let him. With lucrative new stock tips, and a bright new future on the horizon, David’s willing to do the unthinkable; and share his wife with his big, black coworker. But that’s just the start of a slippery slope, which sees David offering up more than he’d ever bargained for; and standing to lose more than ever if things go wrong.
  • Karate Kisses: When sexy housewife Susie starts volunteering at the local karate school, her husband Marcus immediately gets jealous… But when he confronts Sensei Desmond and his absent wife, he’s more horrified by the fact that they AREN’T cheating, than the possibility that they were. “I expected better from you,” he snaps at Desmond. “If you’re going to give my wife free fitness lessons, the LEAST you should have extorted out of her is a blow job in return for them.” But Marcus needs to be careful what he wishes for. Because as soon as he’s left his innocent wife alone, she turns to Desmond and decides to make good on exactly what her jealous husband accused her of!
  • Fully Facial: When a rash on her nose starts driving Susie crazy, her husband comes up with a very unorthodox way to ensure she doesn’t scratch it: He spurts his load all over her pretty face, and insists she wear it until he comes home that night. The promise of an expensive present is enough to convince even Susie to give the challenge a shot… But when a jalapeño-related incident leaves her with a scrubbed-clean face, she has to find a new, hot load to replace the one she lost, before her husband comes home. Fortunately, her hot, black delivery driver is up to the task; and he’s eager to paint Susie’s pretty face with his scalding spurts, to ensure she earns her prize.

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